our Story

Julia Hutchinson has always been an artist and a maker. She studied Studio Arts at Bard College, where she met her photographer husband, Christopher, and after graduation, they started a blog and Etsy shop selling vintage goods to share their obsession with mid century design.

After moving across the country to Ojai, California in 2013, Julia began to refocus on her art, and the Etsy shop was transformed into Heartshake Studios, featuring Julia's art and handcrafted goods, as well as a more curated selection of vintage decor. 

Julia's work is inspired by the colors, flora, and fauna of the southwest. A few of her favorite things are flowering cacti, tropical monstera and bird of paradise plants, foxes, pink sunsets over the mountains, and colorful vintage handwoven textiles. Julia spends her days hanging with her one-year-old daughter, Delta, and working in her studio during naps.